black parade

1. Bracelet I made randomly 2. Pentax Spotmatic that is my dad's 3. New kikki.K folder

Hello there! Just a quick post before school starts again tomorrow, which I am not excited about. At all. Not even the pretty folder I bought can make the prospect of studying look more bearable... Nothing much to say, except wish me luck for half-yearlies! MEEP.

Oh yeah, I made that sandwich for my brother out of boredom :D Hope you have a good week everyone!
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it's fading fader

Hi guys! Long time no blog :0 So, in between my camera sporadically dying and studying for half yearlies, the sad truth is I have nothing to post about. Making notes 24/7 doesn't make for much blog material... Anyway, I did go to the Easter Show today. It was nice to leave the house for once:

Anyway, the extended weekend's coming up (in Australia that is), so I hope that everyone has themselves a good Easter :) And I'll see you all soon!
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a foggy day

by moni

by mayumi

So, in hindsight it'd have probably made more sense to post this when autumn actually started... But the weather is being seriously wack, and it's only starting to get cold now that it's April already :0 Maybe I'm just not feeling it because there aren't any pretty leaves around yet? Well either way, I can't wait til it actually feels like the season... Until then, I hope you're all having a great day! :)
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don't wait

So lately, I haven't been scrapbooking much. Mainly because of a) too much schoolwork, and b) the fact that I finished my other book... I was finally bothered to get another one, though! :D It doesn't have much stuff in it yet, but I think I'll add more these coming holidays.

And while I'm on the topic of books, I desperately want one of these Le Petit Prince Moleskines :0 The whole moleskineart channel is actually amazing, so watch it! Anyway, I hope you have yourself a great weekend :)

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