we will live longer than i will

Just a little something while I'm procrastinating from my English speech! It seems I always pick the worst times to make blog posts, i.e. when I really shouldn't be... Anyway, I thought you guys would find this video relevant. At least it is for me, I hardly ever have time to make stuff nowadays. That said, hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

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the perfect sky

1. Lace necklace I made but never posted &nbsp 2. Amusing camera my dad bought &nbsp 3 & 4. Grandpa's birthday

Hi guys! Just some random photos of late... I haven't been taking nearly as many as I would've liked, but I guess that's what senior school does to you. Anyway, I started using a 50mm manual lens, and I'm liking it so far :) Except that it's basically impossible for self-portraits. Nothing much more to say , so bye until later! :)
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