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So, nothing much to say except that I still think my stomach will explode any second... but thank you to Mitchell and Nicholas for the party yesterday, and happy birthday!! It's been awhile since I've ventured outside to socialise, which I know is very sad... but I guess I should make the most of it. Year 12 starts soon, but I'd rather cross that bridge when I reach it. Until I update again, hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!
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A sad story: yesterday I was trying to sketch Elle Fanning when it dawned on me that I really can't draw people. So, I endeavoured to draw that clownfish instead and it turned out much better. Ha! This weekend was meant to be spent on my history assignment due soon, but what I can I say... I work better under stress? (I like to think that, anyway.)

Oh yeah, I think by now everyone on Tumblr's seen this, but it doesn't matter. There are two other videos like it but this one's my favourite... It just makes me want to go overseas again. Enjoy! :)
Posted by : Mani