never let me go

All photos by tieperfume

Just some beautiful travel photos taken by tieperfume on flickr. Her whole photostream is actually lovely, and has this aesthetic that's slightly whimsical and soft... I really wish I could take photos like that! These were taken with a medium format camera, which I've always thought were cool because of how you look at the viewfinder from the top. Then I realise how expensive and difficult it is to develop 120 film in Australia, crushing my hopes and dreams :(

Speaking of film, I was excited to get a roll developed recently until I realised that my settings were wrong and none of my photos were taken. So mad at myself, especially considering I would've gotten some nice shots... ARGH. But I guess everything happens for a reason, and in that case I won't be making the same mistake again. Well, school's on in two days and I've been lazy, so I think I should probably make up for lost time. Bye for now, then!
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somewhere, someday

So a couple of days ago, my friends and I ventured into the city for food and a movie (do we ever do anything else?). Unfortunately, Sydney weather decided to become horribly windy after such a nice Easter long weekend... but somehow we ended up at Norita Cafe and played Jenga and Scrabble, which I discovered I'm TERRIBLE at. The food was pretty good though, considering most people go there for the ice-cream! But instead, afterwards I bought a caramel iced milk tea from Chatime, which was really nice. I'm beginning to think I obsess over bubble tea the way some people do over coffee, which is not a good thing... can't be helped though!

Anyway, after some browsing on Vimeo I came across this amazing video (that rhyme really wasn't intentional)... I've always admired how cinematographers have the patience to make time-lapse movies, maybe because I'm just an impatient sort of person myself. Well then, I hope everyone's having an enjoyable week! :)

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love lost

1. The sunrise  2. My new teapot from Morning Glory!  3. Galaxy nails attempt  4. A little post-exam treat to myself

A few snapshots since my last post. In that time I've been pretty stressed out, especially since my exams seemed to drag on for the longest time... but as of yesterday, I'm free! So for the next two weeks, I'm planning on catching up on some much-needed sleep and that's about it. Why do people like going out so much anyway? I always find it takes too much effort... or maybe I'm just lazy. Anyway, hoping everyone has a safe and happy Easter holiday this weekend!
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