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Just a few things that I picked up in November recently! Honestly, it seems crazy that a month hasn't passed since I was sitting my last exam. In fact, it feels like so long ago that I can't even recall half the things I did in that time... but then again, I guess this always happens as holidays become one big blur in my head and I begin to lose track of what day it is. Anyway, moving on to the interesting stuff:

1/ Sportsgirl nail polish and stud earrings. These were discounted twice so naturally I couldn't say no... and before, I was seriously lacking in the glitter polish department (but not anymore)! I have to say, the glitter in these polishes is quite sparse but I guess you get what you pay for.

2/ Moleskine Le Petit Prince 2013 diary, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Since post-HSC started, at the top of my to do list was to get back into reading. I'm pretty sure I stopped in year seven because the idea of prescribed novels sucked away the fun in reading books for me... that, and I was busy with school. So while I have all the time in the world, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to tackle another reading list! It's quite sad, but I've never read The Hobbit... I'm pretty sure it's one of those classics that everyone has read, but now I'm really determined to finish it before I see the movie. Along with my books I also ordered a Moleskine diary, my first one. I've had two Frankie diaries and while they're great, I thought it was time for something new. I really loved Le Petit Prince, so I can't wait to use this next year!

3,4/ Porcelain dishes and satchel from Fun Fair. It's really surprising how much good stuff is donated to things like school fairs and white elephant stalls! And more often than not, the prices are way better than normal charity shops, which I find are gradually getting more expensive. I think I'm becoming somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to dishes like these ones, what with them slowly taking over my shelf space...

This Saturday I'm leaving on a short trip to Hong Kong and Singapore, so I guess this is goodbye for a little while. As it happens, I don't get to go overseas very often... in fact, this will only be my third time, so naturally I'm pumped for it! If only that excitement would carry over into actions, because I'm still yet to pack my suitcase. Anyway, hope you're having a good week and bye until then!
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afternoon tea

The set selection of sweet and savoury pastries, petit fours, and finger sandwiches

So while I've been catching up on sleep, watching a bajillion YouTube videos and basically being a sloth, it's fair to say that my post-HSC period has been pretty dull. And in actuality, I do have a list of things that I want to fulfill but let's be honest - doing fun stuff costs money, which is why I should probably search for a job sometime soon! Anyway, two days ago I had high tea at the Tea Room with my food buddy, which was definitely not within my budget... and even if we felt kind of out of place what with the all the grannies and classy ladies that eat there, it was still pretty fun! There was even a guy that came and explained the selection to us, which I found amusing (but pointless because I immediately forgot what he said)... Anyway, moral of the story is that looks are deceiving and you should never go high tea alone. I think we sat there for over an hour, but by the time we finished we felt so full and still ended up taking home a box of leftover goodies...

Pretty crockery, clotted cream and preserve that came with the scones

In other news, the tree in QVB is up again which can only mean one thing - Christmas is upon us! Honestly, they've put up that Swarovski tree for as long as I can remember, but no one seems to get bored of it. Admittedly, before this week I'd never seen the top of the tree, but only the sparkly base on the bottom floor... it was a nice change to see the ceiling though, because usually I don't have a reason to visit the top floor!

By the way, I recently made a Facebook page for this blog that you can like by clicking here. I'm just going to be using it to post future blog updates, which I promise won't include anymore food shots (well not in abundance anyway)... really, it's quite sad how the only exciting thing for me to post is photos of what I eat, but whatever. Until then, see you soon!

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light as a feather

So guess who's back? After over a month of inactivity on this blog, I have finally finished my HSC exams as of yesterday! And what better way to celebrate than to do my favourite thing... yep, while I'm sure some people will be partying hard right now I celebrate by eating. In recent weeks I've refrained from going anywhere out of guilt, so I'm really happy that I don't have to do that anymore. Anyway, yesterday my Japanese class (minus one) went wandering around the city and ate at Wagaya. By the way I saw these pretty flowers at the church in Sydney CBD, and I'm quite sure they weren't there when I last walked by... I guess it really has been ages since I'd last been to the city!

In order: Takoyaki gratin, tonkotsu ramen and sushi roulette, Japanese style spaghetti, wafu pizza, karaage chicken

So much food, so much happiness... with the number of posts I dedicate to eating out it seems like this is on the verge of becoming a food blog. However, my judgement of taste is usually limited to either good or bad, so I guess I'd make a mediocre food critic. That being said, I do think that the karaage chicken was amazing, one the best I've had! At other places the meat tends to be too dry, but these were so crunchy on the outside and succulent and juicy on the inside. If we weren't sharing I swear I could've eaten the whole thing...

Eel fried rice, ox tongue, cold chicken ramen, iced green tea latte, green tea cheesecake and creme brulee

I didn't have any of the desserts on the right, but instead opted for the green tea latte. SO GOOD. Awhile back I tried the one from Mizuya with red beans, but I only thought it was so-so. I think the ice cream really made this latte, plus it helped counteract the bitterness. Now I'm dying to know where the ice cream was from because I'm still dreaming about it, it was that delicious and creamy... sadly for me though, I'd have to go out of my way to buy tubs of green tea ice cream in Sydney (unless someone happens to know where to get them from?).

I don't know why but I liked this photo, even if it turned out kind of blurry. Anyway, I'll be posting again in the near future! It still hasn't hit me that I basically have no obligations for the next four months. It's also kind of weird that it's a Wednesday morning and I have nowhere to be... well then, bye for now and I hope you're having a good week wherever you are!

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