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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spring Wishlist

Even though I'm probably getting way ahead of myself here, I seriously can't wait for spring to arrive. While the weather in Sydney has been behaving with temperatures of over 20°C this week, it just isn't the same until the months switch over! Until then, I'll continue to feel weird about donning summer dresses and bare legs while it's still officially winter... Anyway, with the new season comes an annual cleanup and wardrobe overhaul, so here are some picks that may or may not be directly related to spring:

1. Anthropologie Wish Tree Jewellery Holder - In my dreams, right? We don't even have Anthropologie in Australia, but considering that this tree looks like a work of art I think it'd be worth every penny. Plus, does anyone else think it'd make a gorgeous variation on a Christmas tree?

2. Windsor Smith Lily Sandal - My sandal collection currently consists of one pair, so I feel like this is a much-needed addition to my closet! I do love a good clunky shoe, and these would add height without looking too 'prissy', for lack of a better word.

3. Nixon Small Kensington Watch - I know I already own a gold watch, but I swear this one's different! I love its minimalistic appeal and the fact that it's not more flashy than it needs to be, like so many other statement watches that I've seen lately.

4. Essie Summer Collection 2013 - I've never been a fan of traditional pastels on my nails, since I've always thought that they clash with my skin tone. I think these unexpected shades are great for spring though, especially since I wear so many neutrals!

5. ASOS Smock Dress in Oversized Floral Print - Finally, a fashion trend I can get behind. Aside from reminding me of my childhood, I think this would also be convenient for days when I plan on doing a lot of eating...

6. Need Supply Co Rockland Backpack - My current uni bag is about to rip at the seams, so this looks like the perfect replacement in terms of cuteness and functionality. In fact, I think backpacks in general are great, seeing as I like being handsfree when I'm out and about!

7. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - There's no rhyme or reason as to why I want this, really. After looking up the endless benefits of cleansing balms over regular facial washes, I just feel like I need to give in to the hype and try it!

8. Modcloth Best Friends Fur-Ever Mug - The cold weather may be on its way out, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up my cups of tea any time soon. I'm not even much of a cat lady, but this may be the cutest mug I've ever seen...

9. ASOS Handcuff Ditsy Bracelet - I love jewellery that attracts a second look, and the quirky detail of this bracelet does just that. When it's warmer I also tend towards dainty jewellery, since there's nothing worse than that sticky feeling you get from wearing heavier pieces!

So, what are your picks for the new season? Regardless of where you are I think it's that time of year when everyone is bored of their current weather situation, so it's nice to get excited about new seasonal items for change. Anyway, I hope you're having a great week so far!

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  1. I'm a bit tired of summer. I'm glad though that this summer hasn't been ridiculously hot like previously years, but I'm definitely ready for fall. Dark colors especially black/burgundy/blue are my favorite colors and I can't wait to wear sweaters on a daily basis. I'll probably invest in some sort of burgundy or dark blue infinity scarf, I've always wanted one of those.

  2. That backpack looks great! As a person who usually over packs, I like how backpacks have become more popular this year and I can enjoy the extra space. Lately I have been really into long dresses. I like to dress them up with accessories and they are also great if I just want to ready quickly (just slip it on)! As it gets cooler I'm looking forward to going back to my thick sweaters and boots.

  3. love this backpack http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/korea-style-week.html

  4. Spring is definitely in the air! (Watch the weather turn bad tomorrow haha). I like the backpack - backpacks are definitely the way to go for uni - and that mug is soooo cute.

  5. Adore that cat mug and the little backpack! I have the ASOS smock dress and it is far too oversized to work on me, if you're interested in getting one for a little cheaper? I've only worn it twice! xx


    and I love smock dresses, and I own none.

  7. That jewellery tree is so pretty; I definitely think it would be wise to invest in one and save the hassle of having to untangle my necklaces everytime I want to wear one! I love the colour of that teal nail polish too.

  8. The dress, backpack, jewelry tree
    and that adoorable kitten mug please!

  9. your wishlist items are so pretty! I love Anthropologie stuff too, maybe it's a good thing they don't have one in Aus as it tends to be pretty expensive haha. and the kitten mug!! <3!

    Metallic Paws

  10. Love the chunky sandal! I've been looking for a pair in white :-) The backpack is divine!


  11. Haha, the weather difference between Australia and Europe is huge! Personally I think I'm gonna need a pair of hunter wellies for next season :)


  12. Oh, I adore the little kitty mug! How sweet!

  13. Love the dress and little handcuff bracelet! Great blog, now following :) xx

  14. That cat mug is ridiculously cute! MUST HAVE IT x


  15. As a avid mug collector, my favourite is definitely the mug.

  16. I actually own the Asos dress you featured on here! And I actually wore it today. Let me just say, it's pretty short and looks kind of like pjs or a night gown. But I am still glad I bought it! I wear it with shorts in case of some wind trying to "expose" me, lol. :)

  17. i've definitely been wanting that clinique cleansing balm too. i've got two balm cleansers now (emma hardie & elemental herbology) so i don't actually need any more but i've heard so many good things about the clinique one i really want to give it a try! but i can definitely recommend balm cleansers in general, they feel so luxurious on the skin and always leave my face feeling hydrated and smooth.

    little henry lee