french madeleines

Friday, February 07, 2014

If you know me, it's no secret that I want to visit France. Half my family have lived there at one point, and with all the sights to see and desserts to eat? I think I'd feel right at home! Anyway, although a trip seems unlikely in the near future these madeleines do well to fill the Paris-shaped hole in my heart. Whilst there are tons of variations flavoured with things from dipping chocolate to matcha green tea, I love this one in it's purest form. The browned butter really sets it apart from your average butter cake, and I'm sure the shell shape has something to do with it too!

To make these, you need (and I stress the need) madeleine pans. Sure, you could make them in normal muffin tins and I'm sure they'd taste fine, but they definitely wouldn't be madeleines per se! I know silicon ones exist and those should work, but I doubt you'll get edges that are as crispy. Nevertheless, work with whatever shell-shaped moulds you can get your hands on.

Ingredients (makes about 30):
180g butter
180g plain flour
4 eggs
1 cup caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp milk
Cooking spray
Icing sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C (or 180°C fan forced).
2. Place 2 eggs and sugar in a bowl, then mix well.
3. Sift flour and baking powder into the mixture. Add the remaining eggs and stir until smooth.
4. Heat butter in a saucepan until brown. Pour into the egg mixture.
5. Stir, add milk and continue stirring until combined.
6. Lightly spray madeleine pans with oil and spoon in the mixture. Bake for 9-12 minutes or until golden.
7. Let madeleines cool on a rack, then use a sieve to dust with icing sugar.

If a hump forms on the back of your madeleine, you know you've gotten it right! Anyway, on a typical day you don't even need to store these in a container because they're so addictive. In my house, you'd be lucky if they even last an hour once they're out of the oven... Do tell me if you try out this recipe, and happy baking!

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  1. Love madeleines! Now I've got a hankering for some. Maybe it'll be my weekend baking project. x

  2. They look SO good and so perfect <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. They look so good. I definitely need to try it out :)

  4. Oh my gosh I am definitely going to make these!

  5. Thanks for the recipe, love! My family has a madeleine tray but I've never actually attempted them myself. I'll definitely have to try this out! Looks delicious :)


  6. these look beautiful and delicious! great job Mani :)

  7. Oh they look delicious! Oh Mani, you're amazing :D

  8. Looks so good! Thank you for the recipe, they don't look too difficult to make.

  9. Looks so good and yummy! Definitely wanna try it!
    Anyways, would you like to follow each other? Follow me and ill follow you back instantly.

  10. Your madeleines look delicious! I will be briefly in Paris tomorrow evening but I won't eat any madeleines :)

  11. I've always wanted to make madeleines
    because of their cute looking shape.
    But first, I need to find the mold pan first..
    Half your families living in France? Then
    you should visit them c: Xx

  12. Oh my! Seriously cutest dessert and what are you waiting for, head straight over to France! Speaking of baking, I make my first cheesecake and it was a hit at home :)

  13. Ah, you seriously bake the most perfect things ever!! I love how gorgeous the golden brown color is.

  14. I haven't actually tried madeleines but they definitely look nice! I don't think I've seen any madeleine pans around though.

  15. Wow they look very yummy!
    I love madeleines. Especially in the lemon flavor kind :)

  16. So cool that your family lived in France! I have actually never heard of Madeleines before, but they look delicious! I might have to try and make them soon :)

  17. what a great recipe. you obviously have a talent for baking! i would love to try these too. i have so many blog entries bookmarked from people with all the recipes i want to try but i never get around to them. at least i can look at all the pretty pictures, though! and i hope that you can one day visit france.

    rae from <a href=">lovefromberlin</a>

  18. Oh these look delicious! I love Madeleines! I'm off to Paris in a week and I know I may eat way too many of these! xx

  19. They look amazing! I love having them for breakfast, dipping them in hot chocolate or plain warm milk. Hmmm, heaven!

  20. Look so delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


  21. Love to try this out one day, thanks for sharing! :)

  22. All good, apart from the last step. I'd never let them cool enough before I'd start eating them!! All puddings are better warm. I do, really want these though!!

    Emma x

  23. Madelaines ;) I'll try your recipe

  24. Oh Mani, these look delicious! DELISH! x

  25. Ohgosh these look so amazing for sure...I'm drooling right now!

    xx freshfizzle

  26. These looks absolutely delightful, Mani!! I didn't realize madeleines came in a sheet like that--but go figure! I always wondered how they got to be those specific shapes!