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So, today's post is a bit different from the usual sort! I got tagged by the lovely Jane from Deluminators to do this tag about creating stuff. She’s a fellow Sydneysider that blogs gorgeous photos from her food adventures, daily life and travels around the world. Her blog also happens to be one of my favourites, so definitely check it out! Anyway, even though I don't write DIY posts very often, I thought it’d be fun to answer these questions about my creating process (or lack thereof). Read on if you're curious...

1. What are you working on?

Currently I’m writing a lot of articles for uni and my internship, which I’m sure no one wants to hear about! I actually want to get better at sewing, so besides another pencil case I may try my hand at making my own kimono cardigan. If it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster, I may even write a blog post about the finished product...

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I know literally everyone says this, but when I make things I always tend to add my own little twist to it. I absolutely love whimsical stuff, bright colours and quirky designs, so whenever I DIY something I guess it has a little of my personality embedded in it. I also try a lot of different things, so that makes my crafting 'style' hard to define. One week I could be baking a cake, the next I could be painting, making gifs or scrapbooking... It all depends on my mood, really!

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

If I'm being 100% honest? Most of the time I make stuff I want to buy but can't! I'm quite picky, so a lot of the time it's just easier to make things myself to avoid disappointment (just take my pencil case as an example). Of course, there's also more to it than that. I love the process of creative things, and it's a nice release when I'm overthinking things in my life. Plus, there's nothing more gratifying than proudly using something you've created with your bare hands.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Everything starts with an idea. Once I have a lightbulb moment I research tons of different blogs and tutorials, then mishmash different ideas and techniques I want to use. I've never really been a planner though, so after that initial stage my 'process' becomes kind of... out of control. I tend to experiment a lot on the way and if something feels right I usually go with my gut, so I guess you could say that most of my finished work is a happy accident! And obviously, this all takes twice as long if I document the process to blog about.

So now, I hereby tag the following people. Happy blogging!

  • Rosa from Avec Rosa - Another Sydney blogger who posts a lot of food, tidbits from her daily life, and fun videos. She's also a design student and posts about her artsy adventures from time to time.
  • Michelle from Daisybutter - Michelle's a UK blogger who's always writing thoughtful pieces about fashion, lifestyle and blogging in general. She also happens to have a great sense of style!
  • Chloe from A Little Birdy Blog - Chloe's a blogger from New Zealand, and her blog's a great source of inspiration. When she's not updating her blog with the cutest DIY projects, she always has amazing interior ideas to share!
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    chanoma cafe

    Do you ever have one of those days when you're not hungry enough for a full-on meal, but still feel kind of peckish? That was exactly the case after my friend and I watched Boyhood (incredible movie by the way), so we decided to get our snack on at Chanoma Cafe just down the street. It's a cheap and cheerful joint in Regent Place, and pretty much your one-stop shop for Japanese-style hot dogs and green tea anything! From that description alone, I can definitely see why it always seems to be packed to the brim in there.

    Matcha shiratama float and matcha latte

    Is it any surprise that I ordered the matcha float? Despite snacking on a ton of gummy snakes during the movie, I just couldn't resist! The drink pretty much involves an iced matcha latte with green tea soft serve floating in it (drool), and a stick of dango to top it all off (double drool). I would eat that stuff all day if I could, it's just that addictive. Anyway, my friend also enjoyed her hot matcha latte, and mentioned that it wasn't as sweet as the ones they tend to serve at other places.

    Chanoma cheese dog and teriyaki chicken dog

    Initially the domain of North American food trucks, Japadogs have always been a distant food dream for me... that is, until now. As far as I know Chanoma's the only place in Sydney where you can get these infamous hotdogs, and they're pretty good! I got the teriyaki chicken one, which may have been a bit heavy on the mayo but it was still pretty tasty. The chicken was super juicy and tender, and nicely balanced out with some salad underneath. My friend's cheese dog also had curry inside which I never would have guessed, but now I kinda want to try it for myself.

    So after all that, my food buddy and I just couldn't resist trying the matcha fruit anmitsu. Anmitsu is pretty much a Japanese dessert where anything goes, and this one was a sight to behold! It had basically everything – fruit, red bean paste, dango, green tea ice cream and the all-important agar jelly cubes. It was really good, aside from the slight sugar headache I suffered afterwards. Anyway, here's me trying to discreetly take a selfie (and failing miserably).


    Afterwards we took a stroll around Hyde Park, since Art and About is happening in Sydney right now. In the northern gardens they were displaying photos taken by kids, but I never would've guessed just from looking at them! I thought the pictures were pretty impressive, considering my camera knowledge extended to blindly snapping with a disposable camera when I was seven.

    More photos on the other side of the park, which represented this year's theme 'Australian Life'. Art and About events run until mid-October, so it looks like I'll definitely need to get exploring them soon!
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    secret garden

    Marco Polo cardigan, thrifted American Apparel t-shirt and skirt, Windsor Smith boots

    So this post isn't so much because I thought my outfit was anything special, but because I really liked how my pictures turned out for once! With greenery emerging left, right and centre it made the perfect backdrop, but don't be fooled. Even though spring has technically arrived in Australia it's still freezing in the mornings, so I don't think I'll be brave enough to don bare legs anytime soon...

    Anyway, this outfit's a pretty standard one that I wore to uni and the shops. The skirt is actually one of my favourites right now – after working my DIY magic I transformed it from a midi to a mini, and to say I've worn it to death would be an understatement! Not only does it have the perfect A-line shape, but it also comes with pockets. Ones that can actually hold stuff. I always subconsciously have my hands in my pockets for some reason, so that's pretty much the best thing I could ask for in a skirt. Or any item of clothing, for that matter.
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