night noodle markets

When it comes to major events, no matter how much I complain about crowds I always seem to give in to the hype eventually. Last week I visited the Night Noodle Markets and it was no exception, although in theory it shouldn't even be that exciting for me! I eat Asian food all the time at home (and in the city, for that matter) but I guess the novelty of eating outdoors is too tempting, albeit at ridiculously inflated prices. I digress though – if anyone tries to tell you about the food, it's not really. I'd say it's worth visiting for the atmosphere alone, and the abundance of Instagram-worthy things to see!

So my friend and I got the much coveted ramen and rice burgers, and honestly? I'd say it was underwhelming at best. Maybe it was because it was ridiculously hard to eat, maybe it was the lack of typical burger fillings but it just wasn't that satisfying, which is a shame! I'm just glad we got there right when the markets opened at five, and before the lines got really crazy. I'll definitely be trying this out at home though, I think it'd be a lot nicer if the patty was just a tad softer.


On the flipside there was also a huge line for chicken and pork skewers from Hoy Pinoy, and holy moly. People were literally buying them by the armload, and I can see why! The BBQ pork belly with banana ketchup glaze was to die for, despite my usual aversion to anything banana flavoured. To be fair though you could hardly taste it in the marinade, and that succulent pork belly definitely ended up being the star of the show.


Aaand we decided to skip out on Messina at the markets and got gelato from Westfield Sydney instead. My green tea ice cream was pretty much like every other one I've had (pretty good), and the berry cheesecake flavour was really nice and zingy, for lack of a better word!

It's a bit of a shame that I didn't stick around the markets in time for it to get darker, but after a day of uni laziness got the better of me. Plus there was no way in hell that I was sticking around for the crowds at seven, which is when the sun sets nowadays! If that's a sign that summer's well and truly on its way, I don't know what is.
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on the run

So if we're friends in real life, you may or may not know about a tragedy that happened to me in the last couple of weeks. My Samsung Galaxy SII has finally kicked the bucket, pretty much leaving me high and dry! And while I complained about it all the time, not having a portable camera, music player, or even an alarm clock is slowly but surely killing me. Anyway, these are some random pictures on my phone before it and all of its files were banished into oblivion. Meanwhile, the long search for a replacement continues...


Food adventures with my mum, aka the best dining companion a girl could ask for. On one random occasion we had afternoon tea at Parisi, a little cafe in Queen Victoria Building. The iced coffee was pretty dismal, but an aerial shot doesn't capture the glory of that lemon meringue tart! So tall, so meringue-y... Also, on the left is me in a quirky chair surrounded by quirky pictures at Coco Cubano.


We both chose the fish and chips at Coco Cubano, which was a bit overpriced but still pretty good on the whole! The batter wasn't too thick, like so many other places I've eaten at. I also liked that salad with vinaigrette dressing, which I guess was consolation that our meal was kinda healthy. Anyway, the gluttony continued at the Coffee Emporium where we shared some lemon meringue pie... again?! Don't ask why, but my mum has phases and lemon meringue anything is her current obsession whenever we go to cafes together.


Pretty flowers and new sandals. I never used to be a sandal person, but they really are essential unless you want your toes to sweat buckets in the warmer months! I'm so excited to wear them to death when summer finally hits, which may be awhile considering the crazy moody weather Sydney has been experiencing lately. With tops of 25°C followed by two days straight of thunder and hail, my wardrobe has never been more confused...
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a day at floriade


So while I'm madly procrastinating from two assignments due next week (meep), here are some snaps from when my family and I popped by Canberra for Floriade! If you didn't already know, Floriade is an annual event that features flowers, fairy floss, a ferris wheel and more. It's also possibly the only reason I'll visit Canberra, cause once you've been you've pretty much seen it all. Anyway, there were a bunch of fun installations there, but everyone knows the tulips are the stars of the show! I'm kinda bummed that we didn't get to see the night event though, it seemed like a lot of fun.

There's just something about oodles of flowers that brings out my inner Asian tourist, y'know? If only it wasn't so blindingly sunny...


Trying to recreate this cheesy photo, which is actually ridiculously hard to do with one person! Who would've thought?

Aaand some cherry blossoms we stumbled across. I was too late to see them bloom in Sydney, but spring in Canberra must have been delayed because of the perpetually cool weather. Anyway, I've been sidetracked from studying for far too long now! Wish me luck...
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