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Aren't uni breaks the best? One thing I'll definitely miss about student life are the ridiculously long holidays, the kind where the days eventually blend together. The past few weeks for me have been pretty much a blur, mainly spent eating, sleeping... and forgetting I have a blog, apparently! To be honest though, lately I've been more concerned about catching up with people I never get to see anymore. The other day my friend and I ventured into the city to do just that, by catching a movie and eating food. Lots of it, might I add...


I had time to kill before lunch so I walked around QVB and started snapping, as you do. It's been awhile since I last explored the top floor, but it's just as photogenic as ever! It also doesn't hurt that the free wifi happens to be the best up there. Just saying...

Bowls of deliciousness from O-San Ramen. I won't go into too much detail, but my friend had the creamy tonkotsu ramen and said it definitely lived up to its name. Since I'm a total fiend for garlic (watch out vampires), black garlic tonkotsu was the obvious choice for me. Considering we both struggled to finish the sheer amount of noodles, I'd say it was pretty good value. Needless to say I'll definitely be visiting again soon!


Chinatown alleyways and obligatory ice cream photos at Aqua S. I just had to try the Milo soft serve before it disappeared, and I wasn't let down! This flavour's exactly what it sounds like, and pretty much sums up my childhood in a cone. Although, I still think it'd be that tiny bit better if it was slightly crunchy, just like the Milo powder I used to devour as a kid...

A bunch of stuff in my pockets including tickets to the movie we saw, Inside Out. From the trailer alone I thought it'd be super cheesy and contrived, but thankfully I was proven wrong! The story even had me tearing up towards the end and I never cry during movies, not even The Notebook. Does that make me abnormal?


Okay so this wasn't in the same day, but I finally got to see Les Misérables last week. I remember being totally bitter when the show hit Melbourne first, but it was definitely worth the wait! There's just something magical about seeing the songs you know and love being performed live. Plus, no matter how many times I visit Capitol Theatre the grandeur of the place always blows me away. My friends and I got a bit carried away taking photos in there, but hey! It's not everyday you get a chance to visit the theatre.
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vivid sydney

Another year, another Vivid done and dusted! I don't know what it is, but there's something about pretty lights that makes me willing to brave the cold and put up with ridiculous crowds every single year. In fact, this time I went on three separate occasions and still didn't get to see everything on offer, probably since the attractions were a lot more spread out than in previous years.

I didn't bring my tripod this time around either, considering I only had time to wander around after uni (laziness may have also been a factor), but I was pleasantly surprised by the results! All you really need is a good prime lens, and the ability to stand super still if you ever need to keep the shutter open. Anyway, without further adieu...


Some interesting sights to be seen in Martin Place. Apparently the copper parts of the boards were sensitive, so they made funky sounds whenever you touched them. If only I knew the deeper meaning behind it, but I'm terrible when it comes to reading those signs that accompany the artworks so I guess it'll stay a mystery...

My friends and I probably waited fifteen minutes for this one – an igloo-like structure full of mirrors and changing lights. Let's face it though, this one's mainly for the cool selfies you get once you're inside.



Projections on Customs House, which we probably watched ten times over while sipping on Maccas thickshakes. Speaking of which, don't even try to go into Maccas during Vivid! It's absolute chaos and to top it off, they ran out of soft serves. Anyway, I like how these displays almost seemed to lift off from the building, especially those butterflies.

For some reason, I wasn't really besotted with the Opera House projections this year. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more if I actually stuck around long enough to see the whole sequence...


One of a few see-through humanoids, and the stairs behind the Opera House. There's a bar up there, but naturally we went up just to take advantage of the view and take a breather from the crowds. I also happened to like the lighting of those stairs, as you do!


A few snaps from Central Park, a new precinct that they introduced this year. Anyway, congrats on making it to the end! Here's a little video showcasing my amateur editing skills. I really think half the fun of Vivid's in seeing how the installations move, but that kind of gets lost in photos. It ends today, so if you're a Sydneysider and still haven't seen it yet get moving!
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life lately in may

1. Avocado and Vegemite on toast, my specialty  2. Autumn colours  3. One of the many mochas I've consumed this month 4. Eats at Ribs and Burgers  5. Muji haul  6. Lunch at Vinh Phat  7.  Salted caramel and Belgian chocolate from Anita Gelato  8. Salmon sashimi, every time  9. Kakuni tonkotsu from Hakata-Maru Ramen

Just a quick note to say hi, hello, and no I haven't died! At the risk of sounding cliche, I really can't believe that May's over and pretty much half the year's gone already. It seems like just yesterday when I was looking forward to the start of a fresh month, and 'It's gonna be May' memes were all around. Early 2000s flashbacks, anyone?

Anyway, like always I've been eating out too much (way more than what's pictured here), mainly because my friends are enablers and I've never been one to turn down food. Aside from casual eats around the city where I've been spending most of my days, it's also been a month filled with celebrations! My family and I went out to Vinh Phat for yum cha, which I've actually reviewed before. The only difference was that this time, we ordered twice as much and finished it in fifteen minutes flat, resulting in some serious food comas...

So I've been good at avoiding shopping for material things lately, but clearly couldn't resist the allure of Muji, which opened in the Galeries a few weeks ago. I intended on having a quick look in there and ended up staying for over an hour, oops. Who can blame me though? It's pretty much minimalist heaven, not to mention it has everything I could need to survive, and a stamping station! I'll definitely have to visit on a weekday next time though, to say it was chaos on the Saturday I went would be an understatement.

Not pictured but worth mentioning: anything study-related whatsoever. I hate to write a whole sob story about how stressed I've been, but I'm so glad the semester's coming to an end. Although, I am a bit wistful about saying goodbye to autumn, my favourite season. Even more so since the temperature's dropped after the official start of winter yesterday. Anyway, with most classes officially done I have an empty calendar for the first time in ages, which is actually kind of worrying! I'm going to need to plan a lot to avoid going insane from cabin fever. Hope you have a good month!
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