sydney snacks iii

For someone who loves eating so much, I'm really bad keeping up with food trends. In fact, while Sydney tends to be a breeding ground for them I've always been the type to visit the same places over and over... hence the idea for Sydney Snacks, a series in which I do mini reviews of the eateries I like to frequent! Most of these won't be new to you if you're following my Instagram, but I thought an update was in order since my last roundup was a while ago. Anyway, onto the food already!


Ever since Spice Alley opened just a few steps away from Central Station, I've been obsessed. In case you didn't know, this little slice of Asia is tucked away in a small side street in Chippendale. Its selection includes some amazing Malaysian, Thai, and Chinese vendors, with new additions constantly being added to the mix. My personal pick is the popular char kway tieu from Old Jim Kee, which had me sweating despite my love for all things chilli!
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Out of all the Korean options in the CBD Sydney Madang has to be my go-to place, and I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to say that! It's at the end of an alleyway that's easy to miss, but that doesn't stop the joint from being packed on most nights. Hotpot, savoury pancakes, Korean BBQ, and (my personal favourite) dolsot bibimbap... You name it, they have it and it's guaranteed to be good.
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The Choc Pot is the latest to join the line up of dessert cafes in Regent Place, and it's a very welcome addition. There you'll find things like decadent s'more hot chocolates, or fruit shakes if you're after something more cooling (I had the lychee one, which was super refreshing). I've heard their namesake dish is pretty good, but hear me out – this crepe was amazing. The combination of TCP's chocolate spread and crunchy praline nuts totally made my sister and I regret sharing it.
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Passionflower is a cute little ice creamery tucked away in Capitol Square, and has been around for as long as I can remember. That's not to say it's lost its charm, though – I mean, where else will you find green tea, black sesame, taro, and Thai milk tea ice cream in the same place? I definitely need to make a return visit and try all the flavours soon!
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pad see ew recipe

So, remember how I resolved to learn more practical recipes in my last post? This has to be one of the few that I do have under my belt! In fact, if I had anything close to a signature dish it would probably be this – pad see ew, or Thai stir fried noodles. Don't get me wrong, nothing ever beats the glorious wok hei flavour that comes with ordering it in a proper restaurant. However, even if you don't have an industrial stove on hand the homemade version's pretty decent, if I do say so myself! Besides, it's cheap, easy and done in fifteen minutes flat (even less if you have everything prepared ahead of time). What more could you ask for?

Pad see ew recipe:
½ pack flat wide rice noodles
1 tbs oyster sauce
1 tbs kecap manis
1 tbs dark soy sauce
½ tsp Golden Mountain sauce
½ bunch of Chinese broccoli, chopped
1 cup thinly sliced beef (or other protein)
1 egg
Thinly sliced garlic clove
Canola oil
1. Combine the sauces in a small bowl. In my opinion it should be tangy with just a hint of sweetness, but you can adjust it to your tastes.

2. Heat up the oil in the wok and sauté the garlic until slightly brown at the edges. Then add the beef and cook until the exposed sides of the meat are sealed.

3. Shift the beef to one side of the wok by tilting it, then add more oil and crack in the egg. Using your spatula, scrape the sides of the wok and mix the egg so that it scrambles.

4. Add in the half packet of noodles and the sauce. Toss everything around until the sauce coats all the noodles.

5. Add the Chinese broccoli, and cook for 4-5 minutes or until the greens are wilted. Finally, serve it straight out of the wok!

Some tips you might want to keep in mind:
  • Try not to use the noodles straight after you buy them. I find that they don't absorb the sauces as well when they're fresh, but one or two days in the fridge should fix that.
  • You can use any protein instead of beef, such as pork, chicken or even seafood! Whatever you use, just don't overcook it before adding the noodles or it'll become tough.
  • If you're vegetarian you can always substitute the meat for tofu or veggies like baby corn, carrots, mushrooms, etc. The oyster sauce can also be replaced by light soy, or something similar in taste.


Just a fair warning – if you do make this, be prepared to feed a crowd! Cooking a whole packet of noodles (two batches) easily serves my whole family with leftovers to spare. I'm pretty sure they're getting sick of me making it all the time, but hey! I like to cook what I know.

Is anyone else out there a diehard fan of pad see ew? Also, what's your so-called signature dish, if you have one? I think I need all the inspiration I can get to start cooking proper meals. Anyway, until next time!
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happy new year!

I'm sure you've all heard it a million times already, but just for good measure — happy 2016 everybody! Hopefully you had a well-rested break and rang in the new year in a way that makes you happy, whether that means partying the night away or bingeing on candy and watching the countdown in your PJs. I can't have been the only homebody that went for for the latter option, right?

Anyway, love 'em or hate 'em, new year's resolutions are always on everyone's lips once January rolls around. And while I try not to be sucked in, the idea of a clean slate is always too good to pass up! I was never a firm believer in resolutions myself, but lately I've been thinking that having a few goals to aim for isn't such a bad idea. Plus, I truly believe there's something about writing things down that makes them more likely to happen. This year's set to be a big one for me, so here's some stuff I want to achieve in 2016:

1. Take better care of my stuff
It's embarrassing to admit, but I'm notoriously bad at taking care of my things. I can't keep spending money on stuff that barely lasts, so from now on I'll be making an effort to be more careful (and not drop things all the damn time)!

2. Stress less
I'm a total overthinker, which tends to waste a whole lot of time and energy that could be used on other things. While I don't expect 2016 to be completely stress-free, learning to not sweat the small stuff is something I definitely need to do more of.

3. Improve my Japanese
This one's more of an ongoing thing, but I hope to see an improvement in my Japanese by the end of the year. Whether it's by talking to more native speakers or self-studying, I really need to make an effort to make sure I don't forget anything.

4. Be more proactive
Looking back on last year, the best experiences came out saying yes to things way outside my comfort zone. This time around, I hope to start taking the initiative more, whether it's by making an effort to catch up with friends or just trying something new.

5. Make time to blog
2015 was a crazy year for me. Although I moved forward in a lot of aspects it also means that my blog has been on the back burner, which is never a good feeling. While I don't expect to blog daily anytime soon, making a proper schedule is definitely on my to do list.

6. Learn more recipes
And no, yet another cake recipe doesn't count! While I already have a few go-to dishes under my belt, I really need to start learning how to make things that aren't just desserts.

7. Travel more
The last time I travelled abroad was more than three years ago. Need I say more?

I'm pretty sure my list would reach the floor if I let it, so these are just some goals I'll be setting for myself this year. What are your new year's resolutions, if you have any? Here's hoping that everyone has a great 2016 ahead of them!
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